the cross (synopsis & notes)

The Cross is a two-act play written for the stage with the whole of the action taking place on a summer's afternoon/evening in the year 1991. Each act is made up of two scenes and their are a total of two sets only - the two scenes of Act One take place in the living room of a lonely Northern Irish cottage, while the major part of Act Two is acted out by ghosts around a mystical cross set in the hereafter.

Their are a total of six characters and although the play is written in English, it contains a little Irish with notes on translation and pronunciation for non-Irish speakers.

The play itself is a reflection on the centuries of Irish/English turmoil and the many personalities who have contributed to that turmoil without ever seeming to have contributed anything at all. The land grabbers who only ever manage to grab six feet under the sod; the high and mighty law lords whose main claim to fame is to have their names appended to REPORTS - fourteen in total from the Cameron Report through to the Stalker Report - that please no-one and settle nothing. The cover and camouflage employed which is all too visible and covers and camouflages nothing including the present shaky peace process which seems to be going nowhere.

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