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From an Irish Market Town
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From an Irish Market Town"From an Irish Market Town, although essentially an autobiography, is also a very human story that touches on people's lives for close on eighty years in an era that brought such advances in medicine, science and technology as to increase life expectancy by twenty to thirty years. The period that started out with the horse and buggy, steam engines and a very elementary motor car has witnessed the coming of jet planes, space travel, high-speed trains and luxury automobiles. Thanks to television and the mass media, especially paperback books, computers and the Internet, people have achieved more than sufficient knowledge to cope with the general ups and downs of everyday life.

The title of the book would suggest that the origins of the story are in Ireland. But the reader will soon discover that the Manhattan district of New York City holds the clue to the real beginnings and but for happenings there this tale would never have surfaced." Read more >>

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The Portlaoise Plane
The year 2012 was the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic. It was also the centenary of the Maryborough Flying Machine, first plane manufactured and flown in what became the Irish Republic. (The County Town of Maryborough was renamed Portlaoise when freedom of 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland was won from the British Empire).
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the war of the elves
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The War of the ElvesFour children 10 yr old Leyla, 9 yr old Horatio, 6 yr old Tundi and 5 yr old Sierra in the company of the changeling, Dylis (A Fairy Princess) gain entry to Fairyland disguised as elves on a mission to warn Ree Cluselug, King of the Fairies, that his Kingdom is about to be attacked by an invading army of Elves disguised as a travelling troupe of circus performers. Unknown to the children, the changeling, Princess Dylis, is also on a secret mission to discover the whereabouts of 13 yr old Shauna, elder sister of the other four children, who, without their knowledge, has been kidnapped and the lookalike changeling left in her place.


Novels by Joe Rogers

the changeling

The DChangeling book cover

The Changeling by Joe Rogers is now available from all good bookstores.

Published by: PublishAmerica, the ISBN number is 1413780326 .

THE CHANGELING is available from all good bookstores and online where at www.amazon.com by putting The Changeling by Joe Rogers in the search panel, you will be offered the novel either as a paperback or as an Eco-friendly digital e-book.

The Changeling,book one of a two-book series for children of all ages, tells of the magical adventures of Leyla, Horatio, Tundi, Sierra and Shauna, in the company of the changeling, Dylis. Written in English, the book is spiced with a little Gaeilge(Irish,)Turkish, Spanish and the Kalabari dialect of the Ijaw people of Nigeria, in the hope that its multicultural element will fill a vacuum in the children's book market and prove of interest to a wide readership.

Chapter One of The Changeling can be seen at the following:

The Changeling can be purchased directly from the publishers; Publish America

the diary of a scullery maid

The Diary of a Scullery Maid book coverThe Diary Of A Scullery Maid by Joe Rogers is now available from all good bookstores. Published by: PublishAmerica, the ISBN number is 1413736076.

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The Diary Of A Scullery Maid by Joe Rogers is also available from all major online bookstores. Please see the links on the left for buying details.

Further extracts from "The Diary of a Scullery Maid" can be read on the Information Ireland website here, please scroll down the page.

The Diary of a Scullery Maid has been nominated in the Top 100 Books of the Historical Novel Society's Book Section. The Historical Novel Society

The Diary Of A Scullery Maid can be purchased directly from the publishers; Publish America

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